About us

Meeting place

We have been an art society for 11 years. Our original meeting place was Mellor Parish Centre.  We moved to St Martin's in April 2005 because it was a more convenient location  and changed our name to Mellor Art Society to avoid confussion with Marple Art Society. Our meetings are held from 7.30 to 9.30 every Wednesday evening in the hall at the back of St Martin's Church, Brabyns Brow, Marple Bridge. ( next to Marple Station)

What we do

1. We paint !

Our members vary from beginners to more experienced artists. We are a friendly bunch and are happy to help or give advice to any one in the group who needs it. We sometimes have evenings when we can paint what we like and sometimes we have organised evenings.

What do we paint with?

Quite a number of us like to use watercolour but some prefer pastels or acrylic. Our members have wide and varied talents and sometimes share these as part of our program.(see the program page)

2. Talks 

We have a varied program throughout the year. Our program includes visiting speakers who give talks on different aspects of art for example a famous artist such as Lowry or Klimt.

3. Demonstrators

Visiting artists come to give demonstartions or lead workshops where we try something new.

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